Boundary Vibration Control of Strain Gradient Timoshenko Micro-cantilevers Using Piezoelectric Actuators


  • Amin Mehrvarz
  • Hasan Salarieh
  • Aria Alasty
  • Ramin Vatankhah


Strain gradient Timoshenko micro-beam, Piezo-electrical actuator, PDE model, Boundary control


In this paper, the problem of boundary control of vibration in a clamped-free strain gradient Timoshenko micro-cantilever is studied. For getting systems closer to reality, the force/moment exertion conditions should be modeled. To this end, a piezoelectric layer is laminated on one side of the beam and the controlling actuation is applied through the piezoelectric voltage. The beam and piezoelectric layer are coupled and modeled at the same time and the dynamic equations and boundary conditions of the system are achieved using the Hamilton principle. To achieve the purpose of eliminating vibration of the system, the control law is obtained from a Lyapunov function using LaSalle’s invariant set theorem. The control law has a form of feedback from the spatial derivatives of boundary states of the beam. The finite element method using the strain gradient Timoshenko beam element has been used and then the simulation is performed to illustrate the impact of the proposed controller on the micro-beam.


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