Generalised Approximate Message Passing for Non-I.I.D. Sparse Signals


  • Christian Schou Oxvig
  • Thomas Arildsen


Generalised approximate message passing, non-linear subsequent measurement, Sparse Signals


Generalised approximate message passing (GAMP) is an approximate Bayesian estimation algorithm for signals observed through a linear transform with a possibly non-linear subsequent measurement model. By leveraging prior information about the observed signal, such as sparsity in a known dictionary, GAMP can for example reconstruct signals from underdetermined measurements – known as compressed sensing. In the sparse signal setting, most existing signal priors for GAMP assume the input signal to have i.i.d. entries. Here we present sparse signal priors for GAMP to estimate non-i.d.d. signals through a non-uniform weighting of the input prior, for example allowing GAMP to support model-based compressed sensing.


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